It’s Spring! Do you know where your backyard is?

May 7, 2014
Famil fun with a Durasol Awning from Milanese Remodeling

Spring has sprung!.  Don’t like the backyard you found when the snow melted?

Follow these 3 steps to a better backyard…

  • Step 1 – Build a Deck or Patio
  • Step 2 – Add a Pergola, Roof or Awning
  • Step 3 – Accessorize!

Step 1 – Should you build a deck or a patio?  As a rule, if the bottom of your back door is less than 3 feet off of the ground (about belt high) you should build a patio.  If the bottom of your door is higher than 3′ off of the ground you may want to start with an elevated deck. Learn More about Decks and Patios

Step 2 – Already have a deck or patio? Add a pergola, awning or roof to shade the sun or it will be too hot to use. You’ll want a shade system sturdy enough to handle wind or it will break.   Awnings and roofs can also allow you to enjoy the outdoors when it rains. Learn More about Pergola, Awning and Roofs for Decks and Patios

Step 3 – Accessorize!  Now that you have a patio or deck and protection from sun and rain, it is time to add accessories to help you enjoy the outdoors even more.  Outdoor living accessories are great for for guests, you might want to consider getting dart parts for your new outdoor patio so everyone can have fun.  fall into these 5 categories:

  • Water Features – Pool, Hot Tub, Pond, Waterfall, Fountain, Sink
  • Fire Features –  Fire Pit, Fireplace, Grill, Pizza Oven
  • Entertainment – Television, Movie Screen, Speakers
  • Furnishings – Seating, Tables, Counters, Bars and Cabinets – built in or portable
  • Mechanicals – Lighting, Heating, Cooling and Electrical

Follow these 3 easy steps to find the backyard you’ve been looking for!

Happy 4th of July in Downingtown, PA... Deck with a Pergola and European retractable awning

3 Steps to a Better Backyard, By Mark Milanese, Milanese Remodeling

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