Three Generations of Remodeling

First Generation

image16In 1957 Gabe and Jackie Milanese started their family’s home remodeling business with a great idea. The idea was to take modern materials and apply them to the exterior of homes and businesses to make them maintenance free and energy efficient.

Gabe and Jackie proved that being honest and working hard to offer the best products, installation and service at the lowest possible price is the best way to succeed in business.

Second Generation

8 Gabe and his Partners in 2010The second generation of the Milanese family has the same dedication to offering only the best to their clients.

Gabe Milanese Jr. served as the President of Milanese Remodeling for over 25 years and he treated employees, clients, colleagues and all he dealt with honestly, fairly and respectfully. He sadly passed away, in July 2013, but his memory lives on through the Gabe Milanese Jr. Foundation. Gabe’s wife,Trish, is the Milanese Remodeling “Director of First Impressions” and a big reason Milanese Remodeling is still the home of good old-fashioned customer service.  Contact Trish to schedule an appointment, installation, or service for any project and you will find a friend who is happy to help.

Michael and Mark Milanese both grew up in the business. They have the benefit of learning from the example of their older brother, their parents and by “hands-on” experience from an early age.

Third Generation


A third generation of the Milanese family is continuing the remodeling tradition.

Jacqueline Milanese loves home remodeling and watching home improvement shows on TV. She graduates Bishop Shanahan High School in 2014.
Cecelia Milanese enjoys supporting clients with friendly service. She is a senior at West Chester Henderson.
Nicholas Milanese has 3 years experience. He worked on more challenging projects this summer before returning to Pitt University to continue his studies.
Mark Anthony Milanese has been installing for 4 years and has learned the skills to install retractable awnings, storm doors and replacement windows. He is pursuing a business degree at DCCC.
Gabriel Milanese III is an eager learner who takes pride in a job well done. We expect great things from Gabe III.
Michael Angelo Milanese Jr. has been helping his dad for many years. This year he often accompanied his dad on service calls and learned that service after the sale is very important.

Milanese Aluminum

Milanese Aluminum Vintage Truck From 1957-1985 our business was called Milanese Aluminum.

After nearly 30 years operating under that name, we changed our business name to Milanese Remodeling to better reflect our commitment to using a variety of modern materials and handling a complete assortment of exterior remodeling projects.

Milanese Turns Sixty

Millanese Remodeling receives honary citation from the PA House of RepresentatviesOn March 28, 2017, we celebrated our 60th birthday. We were thrilled to be recognized by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for our services to Chester County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Jackie Milanese received a citation, presented by PA State Rep. Tim Hennessey and PA State Rep. Harry Lewis. Check out our blog post for more information about the award.