Raised patio with seating area

Your patio could feature sitting walls, water and fire features, an outdoor kitchen or bar, hot tubs, an awning, gazebo, pergola and landscaping in the style of a veranda, courtyard or balcony. Here are some of the patio materials and patio features available for your Coatesville patio design.

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Brick patio with fence and stepsThe floor of your patio should be a flat area of ground that is covered with a hard material that is adjoining or located near the house. You can select from any of the following masonry materials to pave your patio floor, and you can mix and match materials for your own custom look.

  • Paver stones
  • Natural stone
  • Brick
  • Natural concrete
  • Stamped and stained concrete

See the Cambridge Paver Patio Brochure


Walls are often incorporated into patio design for built-in seating and landscaping. Use a low wall to create a courtyard or to retain earth for a flat sitting area. The walls of a patio can be built of the same masonry materials listed above or a “wall” effect can be created using landscaping, metal railings or fencing for privacy, security or a sense of enclosure.

  • Sitting wall
  • Retention wall
  • Courtyard wall
    • Security
    • Privacy
    • Enclosure

Patio Roof

Strawbridge dA patio roof is an essential design element to protect people from the heat of the sun and rainfall so they can be cool and comfortable on their patios. Here is a list of the most common types of roofs for patios.

  • Awning – made of fabric, aluminum or wood
  • Pergola – either in traditional classic designs or modern contemporary versions
  • Cabana – garden structures like arbors and gazebos are great for patios away from the house

Outdoor Essentials

Outdoor Bar & GrilleOther essential elements for outdoors include outdoor kitchens, outside bars, hot tubs, water falls, water fountains, fire pits, fireplaces and barbecue pits.

  • Fire Elements
    • Fire pit
    • Fireplace
    • Barbecue pit
  • Water Elements
    • Fountains
    • Waterfalls
    • Fish ponds
  • Outdoor Kitchen
    • Grill
    • Sink
    • Refrigerator
    • Granite countertop
    • Built-in cabinets
  • Outdoor Bar
    • Barstool height granite countertop
    • Refrigerator
    • Bar sink

The creative outdoor design professional will help you determine which of these design elements suit you best, which features are needed, and how to help you build a patio that achieves your goals for outdoor living.

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