Cool Outdoor Living

Three Steps to a Better Backyard!

Creating the perfect space for you and your family to enjoy outdoors at home requires good planning. An outdoor living design professional can help you get the project done right the first time. Mark Milanese has been designing & building custom outdoor spaces for over 30 years. Mark has developed a simple and easy to follow “3-Step” process to help you get the space you want.

1) Floor

Create a floor space! If the first step to the backyard is less than 3’ from the ground, Mark recommends a Patio. Only if the first step is very high off the ground should a homeowner consider a deck. Ask Mark and he’ll tell you why!

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2) Shade & Shelter

Protect the Space! To enjoy the new space you’ve created shade and shelter is a necessity. You have many choices for shade & shelter . Our three varieties of awnings, traditional porch roofs, gazebos and pergola all have a different look and function. Mark will ask a few questions about how you plan to use your patio or deck before making his best recommendation.

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3) Accessories 

Accessorize! After the first 2 steps have been taken it is time to add the accessories to make your outdoor living space fun! Read below to find out how you can accessorize your outdoor living space.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

We have plenty of accessories to choose from when designing your outdoor living space, including the following:


Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Pizza Ovens & Kitchens: Kitchen Features allow outdoor chefs to create food with flavor and taste it is impossible to duplicate indoors. Choose your outdoor kitchen appliances carefully and your backyard will be the most popular restaurant in town! Outdoor kitchens may include granite counter tops, a propane grill, a sink, and cabinets. Read more.


Outdoor BarOutdoor Bars: The Backyard Bar gives grown-ups their own space to relax outdoors! Elegant and long lasting Granite Tops, stainless steel sinks and refrigerators give your outdoor area all the comforts of home! Customize your bar with bar height cafe tables, built-in seating and a unique shape. Choose from a wet bar, dry bar or outdoor man cave. Read more.

Be Merry

Outdoor TVOutdoor TVs & Music: Adding an outdoor television to your backyard oasis makes it easy to keep guests entertained. Turn on the big game, watch that hilarious YouTube clip, or catch up on your favorite Netflix show, day or night! With a retractable projection screen, you can turn your backyard into a movie theater. You can even install an outdoor surround sound speaker system to stream music. Read more.

Water Features: Adding water Features to outdoor space creates a cool atmosphere that can have a calming effect or create excitement! Water features include waterfalls, fountains, ponds, hot tubs, and swimming pools.

Fire:  Fire Features extend the day and season with light & heat for warmth, cooking & ambiance. Choose between Propane or Wood Fire elements, including fire pits, fireplaces, flaming bar tops, and flaming table tops.

Temperature Control: Control the temperature of your outdoor haven by using infrared heaters when it cools off and misting fans on hot days.

Lighting Systems: Light up the night with ambient lighting. Lights with timers make it easy to control when your lights turn on and off.