Sunny Days Are Ahead of Us

March 20, 2020

  To Our Customers, In this chaotic time, we hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy. For the first time in 63 years, we must close…


Chester County Best Christmas Parade

November 11, 2017

The Chester County Best Christmas Parade is December 2, 2017 at 10AM on the Main Street of Coatesville, PA The Best Christmas Parade in Chester County PA is December 2, 2017…


Coatesville PA News & Events – Grand Prix Car Race

September 19, 2017

Ladies & Gentlemen… Start Your Engines!

Coatesville PA News & Events – Grand Prix Car Race… 2nd Running of the Coatesville Invitational Vintage Grand Prix ~ Saturday September 23, 2017.

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The Coatesville Invitational Vintage Grand Prix is the best auto racing event in the Philadelphia area. That’s because the City of Coatesvillle closes the streets so vintage cars can race through the City. History buffs, car enthusiasts and auto racing fans will all enjoy a trip to Coatesville for this annual event.

Coatesville PA News & Events - Grand Prix Car Race

Racer X is ready to hit the Course

Grand Prix Driving Groups

Cars will be racing in 5 timing groups based upon age and Engine Displacement size. The last group will feature non-race cars at a “Lunchtime Touring Session”. There is also a timed vintage motorcycle group. 

  • GROUP 1: 1900 to 1940 open-wheel race cars  
  • GROUP 2: 1940 to 1965 4-cylinder Vintage race cars
  • GROUP 3: 1940 to 1965 6-cylinder Vintage race cars 
  • GROUP 41940 to 1965 8- and 12-cylinder Vintage race cars
  • GROUP 5: 1940 to 1965 Vintage motorcycles  
  • GROUP 6: Lunchtime Touring sessions for 1900 to 1965 vintage non-race cars   

Download a Map of the Course, Parking Lots, Food & More

2017 Event Map

Event Map – Download PDF

Watch 2016 Coatesville Vintage Grand Prix Videos

2016 Coatesville Grand Prix – Photo Gallery

More Videos of Coatesville PA News & Events on YouTube:

If you want to see the largest parade in Suburban Philadelphia, you must go to Coatesvile PA… Due to the fact this event is very popular, you better get on Main Street early to get a good spot. Please remember to mark you calendar, because the Coatesville Christmas Parade is held on the first Saturday of December. Its noteworthy that this parade marks the beginning of the shopping season. And it is also the start of the winter Coatesville PA News and Events.

Learn more about this Event: Coatesville Christmas Parade Website

The National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum celebrates Iron & Steel workers. That’s because Coatesville PA is home to the longest continuously operating steel mill in the world. The “Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution is in Coatesville, PA, and Lukens Steel Mill started it all! Rebecca Lukens is world known as “The First Female Industrialist”. That’s because her Mill was the World’s First to roll out Boiler Plate Steel. That specialty steel allowed locomotive steam engines to change the world. That steel built Coatesville PA. However, this museum also celebrate the steelworkers who helped build our country. 

Learn more about this Museum: National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum Website

Many historic homes are in Coatesvile and 13th Avenue has great homes from different eras. Go there to find a variety of home styles and click on this video to see what I mean!

Learn More About Coatesville History: A History of Coatesville, Pa Mark Ford, Webmaster

Here are some of the best videos about Coatesville PA News & Events on YouTube…

Some of the best events in Chester County, PA are held in Coatesville, PA. Fun events, like the Coatesville Vintage Grand Prix, are new. Other events, like the Coatesville Christmas Parade, have attracted visitors for decades. The National Iron and Steel Heritage museum is in the news because we celebrate the history of Rebecca Lukens- “The World’s First Female Industrialist”. That’s because her Mill was the World’s First to roll out Boiler Plate Steel. That specialty steel allowed locolotive steam engines to change the world. That steel built Coatesville PA. However, we also celebrate the steelworkers who helped build our country.

About Coatesville PA News & Events on YouTube

While these videos are all about Coatesville News and Events, they were made by Mark Milanese and are on the Milanese Remodeling YouTube Channel.

Mark Milanese of Coatesvile PA is on YouTube

In addition to the Coatesville videos above, you can see more Mark Milanese videos! Another way to see Mark’s videos is to click on the images below!  Due to Mark’s remodeling experience, you might like his Home Improvement videos. You can also subscribe to the Milanese Remodeling YouTube Channel and watch the Mark Milanese Playlist!

Who is Mark Milanese?

First of all, Mark Milanese is “The Outdoor Living Expert” at Milanese Remodeling. Another skill of Mark’s  is “Exterior Decorator”. Most importantly, Mark says, “Watch my YouTube videos!”…  Maybe now is the best time to take Mark’s advice. You can see Mark’s family, hometown and custom projects by Milanese Remodeling here.

The Home Remodeling Expert is Mark Milanese. Furthermore, Mark shows you how to select a contractor to replace windows. Most importantly, Mark shows you how to replace the windows in your home in 7 easy steps.

Mark Milanese and Milanese Remodeling are on YouTube

Meet Mark Milanese on YouTube

2017 Valiant Foundation Golf Event is a Big Success!

July 15, 2017

“Big Guy” Golf Tournament turns 21!

In 1997, Geno and Mike Valiant started the “Michael J. Valiant, Sr. Foundation” to honor their father and raise money for good causes… Since then, they’ve raised and donated more than $200,000 for Autism Awareness Advocacy, Carteret Specials and more.

The Valiant family hosts a golf event called the “Big Guy” each summer at the Cranbury Golf Club. Colleagues & clients of Valiant Home Remodeling unite with friends and extended Valiant family members  to raise money for worthwhile causes and have a great time.This year marked the 21st Anniversary of this successful event.

See you next year for the 22nd Anniversary!

Watch Home Movies of the 21st Anniversary Valiant Foundation Golf Outing

Meet the 2017 Players…

Photo Gallery of the 2017 Players…

Mike & Geno Valiant - Valiant Home Remodelers at their 2017 Golf Event

Mike & Genare Valiant at the 21st Anniversary Valiant Foundation “Big Guy” Golf Tournament held at the Cranbury Golf Club on July 11, 2017

“Valiant” is defined by the dictionary as an adjective meaning “to have courage and determination.” When a person is “being valiant” they are being lionhearted, fearless, heroic, brave and bold. The Valiant Family who own and operate Valiant Home Remodeling truly knows what it means to “Be Valiant.”

Click here for MANY MORE photos, videos and memories of the 2017 Valiant Foundation Golf Event

Doug Brown Foursome at the 2017 “Big Guy”


Each of us could learn more about what “Being Valiant” truly means in business—and in life—from the Valiant family.

Sixty years ago, Genare Valiant fearlessly opened Valiant Home Remodeling on Roosevelt Avenue in Carteret, N.J., and three generations of the Valiant family have upheld the valiant traditions of their founder.  They persist to offer only the very finest solutions for homeowners throughout New Jersey.  They are centrally located to Cartaret NJ, Elizabeth NJ and Edison NJ.  Valiant Home Remodelers specializes in exterior remodeling, such as awnings, windows, doors, siding and patio rooms.

My friendship with this Valiant generation—Genare Valiant, his brother Michael and their cousin Anthony—started over 20 years ago when we met at a manufacturer’s dealer conference. We liked each other immediately, which shouldn’t be surprising, since their story and mine are very similar.


Both the Milanese family and the Valiant family have been in business for more than 50 years. That’s very rare in the home remodeling business, where most businesses fail within five years. The facts that both our companies have continuously used their own family name, stayed in business in the same location and used the same phone number as when their founders first started are all testaments to a firm commitment to craftsmanship and integrity.

Milanese and Valiant are alike in more ways, though. We both respect our clients and recognize they are our employer. We share the same commitment to solving problems for our clients. We offer the same goods and services from many of the same vendors. We develop long and loyal relationships with manufacturers. We counsel, teach and provide for our employees. We have paid our dues.

Beyond all that, the family business was always the fabric of our family life—it held us together, wove stories at our dinner tables and rolled with us wherever we went …

But the Valiant family story is very different from mine, too. My father mentored my brothers and me until his death at the age of 71 after our generation was already well-established. In 1996, Genare and Mike Valiant lost their father at the young age of 54. Mike and Geno were young, too. I remember meeting them like it was yesterday …

They were “Being Valiant.” They were bold and determined to be successful against all odds. They were courageous and brave to take over their family business at such a young age.

In 1997, Geno and Mike started the “Valiant Foundation” to honor their father and to raise money for good causes in their community. The family, through the Valiant Foundation, has heroically raised and donated more than $150,000 to Autism Awareness Advocacy and Cartaret Specials.

Each summer the family hosts a golf tournament called the “Big Guy” shoot out to memorialize their father, Michael, and to raise funds for the Valiant Foundation. Manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, clients and friends get together, but are not permitted to talk business. We have a great time, raise money for a fantastic cause and develop relationships with each other beyond business.

Each of us could learn more about what “Being Valiant” truly means in business—and in life—from the Valiant family.

This blog post originally appeared in DWM Magazine.

Homeowners Proudly Wave the American Flag

July 3, 2017

Milanese Remodeling homeowners are very patriotic… Our clients proudly wave the American flag in front of their homes – not just on special occasions, but every day.  They’re proud to be Americans…


Vote for Mark Milanese and Milanese Remodeling in Chester County, PA

November 7, 2016

During the 2016 Presidential Election Mark Milanese Campaigns for Your vote. Mark asks Chester County Residents to Vote For Milanese Remodeling for Home Improvements. He also invites you to view some of his favorite YouTube Videos starring Mark Milanese & Milanese Remodeling.


Team Gabe Beef & Beer Photo Gallery

November 25, 2015

Thanks Team Gabe! The 2nd Annual Team Gabe Beef & Beer was a great success.  Team Gabe celebrated the Life of Gabe Milanese Jr and raised money to help the National…