Chester County Backyards

April 20, 2017
Awnings, patios, bar and grill make a perfect setting for a pool party in Chester County, PA

A year round stationary awning on the lower patio and a retractable awning on the veranda for plenty of cool space.

It’s no secret that residents of Chester County know how to have a good time in their backyards, especially now that we’re entering the warmer months. Cookouts, pool parties, and summer holiday celebrations are right around the corner. Our swimming pool builders use their experience, creativity and design skills to make your backyard suit your lifestyle and budget.

At Milanese Remodeling, we love creating features that make the time you spend in your backyard more enjoyable. Creating your ideal exterior is a multi-layered process that begins with a deck or patio that attaches to your home. Next, we add an awning or some other type of structure for shade and rain protection. Add some deer fencing to keep out the critters and you’ve got a fully fledged, visitor friendly entertainment area. A place to be proud of that friends and family will remember for times to come.

The third step is what really makes Chester County backyards shine like nothing else on earth! We accessorize, adding anything from pizza ovens and patio kitchens to outdoor televisions and bars. In addition to these amenities, we install outdoor features that:

  • Heat things up: with fire-pits, fireplaces, hot tubs, and infra-red heaters.
  • Cool things down: with cabanas, gazebos, swimming pools, and misting fans.
  • Bring the outdoors indoors: with patio rooms and porch enclosures.
  • Keep it orderly: with fences and garden structures.

Check out this post for more tips on getting your outdoor space ready for spring. For a close look at our work, check out the gallery below:

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Milanese Remodeling has been improving Chester County backyards since 1957. Backyards are less about what they contain than what they mean. They are a place to bond with family, catch up with friends and learn about the wider world and our goal is to help you build it according to your needs. To get started creating your dream backyard, contact us online or by calling (610) 384-5820.

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