Since 1957 the Milanese Family has provided Chester County residents with quality products, affordable prices and dependable service. We work to help you understand your option before you spend your hard-earned money. In addition to an initial site visit, we offer services to help guide your project, including:

  • Portfolio: Seeing other people’s homes and the way they have improved their home’s appearance can give you ideas about how you want your home to look.
  • References: For additional peace of mind you can call and ask the homeowner how they liked dealing with us, if they would recommend us again and if we improved the value of their home far more than the price charged for the work.  You can also visit homes we have already remodeled.  Sometimes it helps to see just how a remodeling project might look five, ten or twenty years after they are complete.
  • Digital Design: In a free digital design consultation you’ll have the ability to see a virtual version of your home. We can play around with different styles, colors, trim, and accent accessories. When you choose what you like, we can use the software to generate a price list estimate.