Patio Doors

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Sliding Patio Doors by Milanese Remodeling

Sliding patio doors let light, view and ventilation into your home, and they don’t take space away from your room to do it!

Because a patio door may be the largest opening into your home and the door that gets the most use, it must be energy efficient, durable, easy to operate and secure.

Milanese Remodeling has been installing custom patio doors for customers in Chester County for over 60 years!

Lasting Elegance Patio Doors

Lasting Elegance Door Brochure

Lasting Elegance Door Brochure

Lasting Elegance Patio Doors give you all of the security, strength and durability you need without sacrificing beautiful color, style and glazing choices and options, such as internal blinds with internal divided lites. For a more authentic look – choose Simulated True Divided lites.  You can also choose center hinged doors, French sidelites and multiple patio door units in an array to expand your view and enlarge your patio door opening. Plus, swinging doors give the true French Door experience.

Bi-Fold Patio Doors


The line between inside and outside disappears with a bi-fold patio door, joining indoor rooms to outdoor space.  Elegant bi-fold patio doors open wide to expand a room to an outdoor patio or deck and create a new concept of indoor/outdoor luxury living for you, your family and guests. Bi-fold doors effortlessly remove the wall of your home and fold smoothly to one side for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor space – or to expand a room into an adjoining interior space.

Plan to use your bi-fold patio door to connect a family room with a porch or patio that is protected by an awning or porch roof and include a wet bar, outdoor television and fireplace for better outdoor living.  Get on-demand protection from sun, rain and bugs with a retractable roof and wall system on the outdoor space, adjoining the bi-fold patio door to create the ultimate outdoor living environment.

See how the bi-fold patio doors enlarge and enhance a family room linked up to a patio equipped with a Pergola “GENNIUS” retractable patio roof and screen wall system installed by Milanese Remodeling in Chester County, PA.

Bi-fold patio doors are available up to 21’0” wide and can be arrayed in groups for even bigger patio doors.  Bi-fold patio doors are ideal for commercial use and can open walls to expand banquet space for a restaurant or country club on to the veranda or patio.

Standard Features

  • Panels fold easily and gather neatly to one side
  • One panel swings open for convenient everyday use
  • Join as few as two panels or up to eight panels for openings up to 21′ x 8′
  • Combine an array of Bi-Fold Doors for larger openings
  • Available in wood or clad exterior
  • Insulation and weather stripping for a comfort seal environment
  • Hardware system for both residential and commercial applications

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