New Outdoor Showroom – TV, Awnings & More

April 16, 2014
Gabe's Outdoor Showroom

At our St Patty’s Day Open House, Milanese Remodeling unveiled renditions and site plans for the new Outdoor Living Showroom which will be dedicated to Gabe Milanese, Jr and feature Outdoor Television, Pergola Awnings a Pizza Oven and more… Stay Tuned!

Gabe Milanese Jr. had a passion for many things and our new showroom will feature four of his favorites…

  • · Television
  • · Woodworking
  • · Gardening
  • · Pizza

 Television Outside – Gabe LOVED TV…   Milanese Remodeling has been developing ways to allow us to watch Television outside for the last 5 years.  We developed a patent pending product called “Television Outside” or TVo.  Television Outside is LifeSize Television that is affordable and fun and designed for outdoor use…  Stay Tuned!

 WoodWorks – Gabe LOVED Woodworking We will be featuring natural wood tables, benches and bars made by local artisans from local trees, including the walnut trees removed from the site for the new showroom and Pergola beech from a tree at the family home on South Hill.

 Gardening – Gabe LOVED Gardening.   Gabe’s Outdoor Showroom will show off some of the landscaping and gardening features we incorporate in our outdoor living designs.

 Pizza – Everybody LOVED Gabe’s Pizza!  Gabe made the best pizza in the world!  We  we will try to duplicate Gabe’s recipe and we hope to serve homemade pizza every Friday night along with a movie in our outdoor theater by early summer…

Gabe’s Outdoor Showroom… Coming in Spring of 2014