5 Misconceptions About Pergolas

January 5, 2020
pergola with motorize louvers

Pergola roofs are a great way to shield your family from the sun and rain during summer picnics, but that’s not all! At the touch of a button, your pergola can protect you from snow, creating the perfect sheltered outdoor space that’s functional at any time of year.

Pergolas being a “summer thing” is just one of the many misconceptions that come along with these versatile and sturdy awnings. Watch the video below for an overview of motorized louvers, or keep reading for a debunking of 5 common pergola misconceptions.

Five Myths About Pergola Awnings

  1. Snow on decks and fences in backyards of housesThey’re for Summer Only: A porch covered with motorized louvers creates the perfect shelter year-round. If you get cabin fever, your pergola can help you enjoy the outdoors, no matter the time of year! Just add a space heater or outdoor fireplace. Because you’re covered, you can block some of the elements and stay comfortable (especially great for 65 degree days in January 🙂).
  2. They Aren’t Heated: As mentioned above, an outdoor fireplace or space heater can keep you toasty under your pergola in winter, but those aren’t your only options. Adding an infrared heating system to your pergola patio is an easy upgrade, and it will help you get even more enjoyment out of your exterior space.
  3. They Don’t Hold Up in Harsh Weather: Unlike other types of awnings, pergolas are actually made with winds, heavy rains, snow, and ice in mind. In fact, we can even fit your pergola with a sensor that will automatically lower or raise the slats depending on the wind’s speed and direction.
  4. They Take a Long Time to Install: Some pergolas only take 2-7 days from start to finish. Our typical awning projects are done in 2 weeks or less.
  5. They Have a Short Lifespan: When installed properly and maintained appropriately, pergolas can last for decades.

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