The Milanese Pledge

Not sure what to expect when you call Milanese Remodeling?

Here is my pledge to you…

I promise to listen to your ideas.
I will always be polite, courteous and trustworthy.
I will answer your questions honestly.
I will respect your time and not overstay my welcome.
I will provide you with my expert feedback and recommendations.
I will give you choices to allow you to achieve your project.
I will give you accurate prices that are complete.
I will never charge for “extra work” without YOUR written approval.
I will provide local references of my work.
I will give you details about how your project will be done.
I will share my installation schedule with you.
I will tell you how long your project will take.
I will give you specific information about the products I recommend.
I will never pressure you to make a quick decision.
I will provide a showroom for your convenience.
I will provide an office with normal business hours.