Door & Window Awnings

Door Awnings, Entrance Canopies and Porticoes

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Entrance Awnings

Entrance awnings and porticoes and smaller door awnings, sometimes called “Door Hood Awnings,” protect you and your guests from bad weather.

Entrance canopies and awnings are available in a variety of materials:

  • Welded metal frames with fabric covers
  • Standing seam metal roof
  • Shingled to match the house
  • Aluminum

Window Awnings and Solar Shade Screens

Window Awnings

  • Is it too hot inside your home?
  • Can’t see the television because of sun’s glare?
  • Does the sun get in your eyes when you are trying to use the kitchen sink?
  • You could benefit from a window awning!

Window awnings are available in fabric, aluminum and custom-made traditional materials, such as wood, shingles, and standing-seam metal roofing.

  • Fabric window awnings can be either stationary or retractable.
  • Retractable window awnings can be motorized to operate at the touch of a button.
  • Manually operated retractable awnings can be retracted from inside or out.
  • Retractable solar shades are also a good option for shading window glass.

Solar Screens

Retractable solar shading screens allow you to enjoy the view but block the sunlight and the heat from the sun.

You probably know awnings reduce solar heat gain from the sun by up to 90% so you can enjoy outdoor living, but did you know awnings also lower indoor temperatures and save you in air conditioning costs? Awnings can mean big savings on air conditioning electric bills. Window and door awnings are good for the inside of your home, too:

  • Awnings lower indoor temperatures by 10 – 15 %
  • Awnings can save 25% on air conditioning costs
  • Awnings reduce solar heat gain by 90%
  • Awnings block 98% of the UV Rays that fade furniture, drapes and art on the walls
  • Awnings block cancer-causing sunlight for a healthier home

If your windows let in too much sun, you need protection for your door, or your deck is too hot, Milanese Remodeling can help you tame Mother Nature at your home with window awnings, entrance awnings,and deck and patio awnings.

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