Pergola Awning is Best for Sun, Wind & Rain

June 19, 2024

Most people assume that pergolas are used primarily during the heat of the summer – when blocking the harshness of the sun is the priority. Did you know that pergolas offer benefits for homeowners year-round? In fact, pergola awnings are a great addition to your back patio no matter what the weather throws your way.

If you have been wanting to add simple, yet functional, beauty to your home – then look no further than at one of the many different types of pergola awnings that Milanese Remodeling installs. Pergola awnings can not only be a gorgeous feature, but pergolas offer protection throughout the seasons. For more information, check out our guide for choosing the best awning for your home.

What is a Pergola Awning?

A pergola awning combines a traditional garden structure & retractable awnings.

The Pergola

The Pergola - A Traditional Garden Structure

The pergola is a traditional garden structure. It’s made with columns, beams & rafters.

Vines can grow on the pergola for shade, but this can be messy. This attracts birds’ nests & droppings. Falling leaves and bees are also known to be a problem with a traditional pergola.

Learn more about traditional pergolas.

The Retractable Awning

Inside of large deck with pergola

Retractable awnings are the best way to get on-demand shade in order to enjoy the outdoors at home.

They keep us cool on our deck or patio during warm weather. But retractable awnings, like SunSetters, break in high wind or heavy rain.

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The Pergola Retractable Awning

GENNIUS awning during the day

The updated pergola retractable awning gives an updated European take on a traditional pergola.

It works well with every architectural style of home. Fabric can also add color and style to the outdoor living space.

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The Pergola with Louvered Blades

Far shot of an open pergola

We now offer louvered blades for your traditional pergola. Louvered blades rotate on demand for protection from rain and snow. With a louvered pergola, you can have partial shade or full sun protection. This is great for families that can’t decide if they want to retract the awning or not.

Learn more about pergolas with motorized louvers.

The Benefits of Adding a Pergola

No matter which option you choose for your home, there are many benefits to adding a pergola. This includes protection from the elements and a beautiful, relaxing place to kick back and enjoy your outdoor space. Depending on where you live – or what time of year – you can experience the benefits of a pergola no matter the weather. Here are our recommendations for sun, wind, and rain.

Best Awning for Sun

When it comes to protecting even the largest patio or deck from the sun, a high-quality awning is a must-have. Our best awnings for sun protection are designed with durable, UV-resistant materials that effectively block harmful rays, keeping your outdoor space cool and comfortable. These awnings not only provide ample shade but also reduce glare and protect your furniture from sun damage. Enjoy your patio or deck all day long without worrying about the intense heat, thanks to our expertly crafted sun protection awnings.

Best Awning for Wind

For those in windy regions, pergola awnings are the ultimate solution. These robust structures are designed to handle winds up to 125 mph, making them far superior to old-fashioned stationary or retractable awnings. The pergola design combines elegance with strength, ensuring that your outdoor space remains safe and stylish even during strong gusts. Constructed with high-quality materials and reinforced frameworks, pergola awnings provide unparalleled wind resistance, giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted enjoyment of your outdoor area, no matter the weather.

Best Awning for Rain

Pergola awnings are not just great for sun and wind; they also excel in rainy conditions. Equipped with an integrated water management system, these awnings efficiently handle rainwater to prevent pooling and water damage. The innovative design includes beams that double as gutters and columns that function as downspouts, effectively channeling water away from your patio or deck. This ensures that your outdoor space stays dry and usable even during heavy rainfall. With a pergola awning, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the weather, knowing that your awning is designed to perform in all conditions.

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