Pergola Awning is Best for Sun, Wind & Rain

March 10, 2019

At Milanese Remodeling, we install many different types of awnings throughout Chester County. One of our favorites is the pergola awning. For more information, you can check out our guide for choosing the best awning for your home.

What is a Pergola Awning?

A pergola awning combines a traditional garden structure & retractable awnings.

The Pergola - A Traditional Garden Structure

The Pergola – A Traditional Garden Structure

The Pergola:

The pergola is a traditional garden structure. It’s made with columns, beams & rafters.

Vines can grow on the pergola for shade, but can be messy. So can bird nests & droppings. Bees and falling leaves can be a bother.


LOVE Your Yard!

Retractable Awning is Best  for On-Demand Shade

The Retractable Awning:

Retractable awnings are the best way to get on demand shade to enjoy outdoors at home.

They can keep us cool on our deck or patio during warm weather.

But retractable awnings, like SunSetters, break in high wind or heavy rain.

Pergola awning with fabric retracted suits any architectural style of home and is best for sun, wind & rain

Pergola Awning- First its a Pergola…

The Pergola Retractable Awning:

  • Updated European take on the traditional pergola.
  • Looks great on every architectural style of home.
  • Fabric can add color and style to outdoor living space.


  • Protects even the largest patio or deck from sun.


  • Pergola Awnings are designed to handle winds up to 125 mph!
  • Withstands higher winds than an old-fashioned stationary or retractable awning.


  • Pergola awnings can handle rain!
  • Can include an integral water management system.
  • The beam is a gutter and the columns are downspouts.

VIDEO: “What is the best retractable awning for sun, wind & rain?”  

VIDEO: “Best Retractable Awning for Sun Wind & Rain”

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