An Awning for Every Kind of Weather

April 23, 2023
Retractable Penthouse Awning

Retractable Penthouse Awning

As the weather starts to heat up across Pennsylvania, you might be ready to start tackling some Spring and Summer projects! Whether it’s moving your seed starters out to the garden, raking up the last of the dead, Autumn foliage, or planning the patio of your dreams – your summer is starting to look good!

Every Season Awnings

One of the best ways to enjoy your outdoor space is with an awning for your patio. While many people want awnings to help shade them in the summer, these awesome deck accents will add value to your life every day of the year – no matter what the PA weather brings!


Our minds and eyes are on summer! Although soaking up the sun gives you some much-needed Vitamin D that your body may be desperate for after winter – being able to control how much sun without giving up your outdoor time is a must! With retractable awnings, you can have the sun when you want it, and enjoy the shade when you don’t! These awnings are not only convenient but very customizable. Check out your options!


As summer comes to an end, no one wants to put away their patio furniture and say goodbye to warm, relaxing evenings on the patio. Milanese Remodeling specializes in creating an outdoor space you will love all year long. Our awnings are rated for high winds and severe weather – so work with us on creating a winter space that includes a firepit, some marshmallows, and an awning to protect you from the elements – whether rain, snow, or wind!

Check out this power pergola with motorized louvers.

Benefits of Patio Awnings

We know that every yard would benefit from an awning – here are just a few of the things you can expect:

  • Customization – available in virtually any width you can imagine, awnings can cover the areas you want to be protected without impeding on views or other elements of your home.
  • Convenient – with a retractable awning, you can control it with a push of a button! Don’t waste your energy with old-fashioned cranks or umbrellas. Add to your outdoor relaxation with modern, motorized louvers.
  • All-Weather – sometimes, the weather can wreak havoc on our outdoor space. With umbrellas or cheap products, high winds, rain, hail, or heavy snow can damage or ruin your awning. Milanese Remodeling has installed over 6,000 awnings since the mid-1980s, so we know and install only the best awnings that have high wind and weather ratings so you can feel confident for whatever the weather blows in.

Get an Outdoor Living Consult

There are so many benefits to adding an awning to your outdoor space. Our team would love to help you choose the right one for your patio. Get a consult today.