Restaurant & Commercial Awnings

New awnings outside of your business are often your first impression on potential customers so they need to look nice, match your brand, and be easy to maintain. Many businesses use commercial awnings to cover walkways or outdoor spaces as well. Increased revenue can pay for your awning investment in just a few months. New commercial awnings give your business a fresh appearance and protect outdoor seating. Financing is available for qualified business owners.

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Restaurant Awnings

Outdoor seating with overhead awningAdd protected seating for outdoor dining at your restaurant or country club to increase revenue. Restaurants and country clubs with awnings to protect outdoor seating earn more revenue both inside and out because the outdoor space becomes a trademark of your business. New awnings can make your restaurant the best place to go for dining, parties, and entertainment.

Types of Business Awnings

Retractable Awnings shade the sun and provide the ambiance of a sidewalk café.

  • Fabric retracts into a protective cover when it is not needed.
  • Awning design can include graphics and signage to promote your business.

Stationary Awnings protect from sun, rain, ice and snow all year round.

Pergola Style Awnings Get the best of both worlds…

  • Stationary frame with a retractable fabric
  • Windproof and rainproof
  • Largest sizes
  • Options include: retractable walls, lights, speakers, heaters & television/movie screens

The GENNIUS is a modern take on the pergola that combines a framework for stability and a rainproof and windproof retractable fabric to completely protect your guests from rain and sun – even in high winds. The GENNIUS can cover even the largest outdoor seating area and can be enclosed with retractable walls. Add heaters to extend the outdoor dining season and make a faster return on your investment.

Traditional Structures: Covered Porches and patio roofs can be made to cover both large and small areas. These structures can be enclosed later for additional heated space.

Awning Accessories: Add sidewalls, Solaira heaters, fans, and outdoor television to create the perfect outdoor space for your guests to grow your business.

Entrance Canopies & Storefront Awnings

Storefront Awning

Protect your clients from the car to the door with an entrance canopy or portico. Just as important, entrance canopies can call attention to your building in a great eye-catching way. Storefront awnings can:

  • Early Childhood business-awningPromote your business with awning graphics and signage.
  • Provide additional lighting at the entrance to your business.
  • Protect your guests, employees, and clients from inclement weather.
  • Make a good impression on potential clients.

Window Awnings

Window awnings do more than reduce temperatures during the cooling season to save you money on air conditioning. Window awnings are a great way to brand your business. With eye-catching color, lighting, and graphics, the creative use of window awnings promotes your business and can be a marketing tool with a great return on investment.

Creative Use of Fabric

Toy Gifts storefront awningFabric is a great way to call attention to your business anywhere on your facade. Add your company colors, logos or additional graphics, including high definition photographs, images or advertising, such as signage with flags, banners and marquees. You can also create the illusion of windows where there are none. With exterior fabric, the only limitations are your imagination.

Loading Dock Awnings

If you have a shipping or receiving department at your business, you will improve productivity and safety with a roof or awning over your loading dock door. Protect your employees and your packages at the loading dock.

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