What is the Best Color Siding for My House?

December 12, 2019

Our customers often ask us what color they should use for their siding. With so many choices available, we can’t blame them for needing some help with the decision process.

You can learn more about the siding colors and styles we have available here.  In the meantime, check out these 6 questions that you can ask yourself to gain some more clarity on what color siding will work best for you.

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What color is the roof of your home?

Replacing your roof and siding at the same time can be a great strategy, but if the timing didn’t work out for you, you’ll want to coordinate your siding with your roof.

Roofs tend to last 20-30 years, so keep that timeframe in mind.

What colors are used in your neighborhood?

You don’t need to make your home a carbon copy of your neighbor’s, but it’s not a bad idea to think about how your color scheme will affect the look of your neighborhood as a whole. Standing out in an understated way is classy and elegant, but your neighbors may not thank you if you install dark purple siding on a street of beiges and creams.

What about your complementary colors?

You do need to choose a siding color, but that’s not all! The trim, shutters, and flashing on your home will need to be installed as well. This can be your chance to have some fun with bolder hues.

What size is your home?

When viewing a swatch, you aren’t getting the full picture of what the siding will look like on your home. You may have fallen in love with a deep, bold color, but even though it looks lovely on a small swatch, it may be overwhelming when installed to the outside of a large house. If you have a smaller home, however, you may be better off choosing a dark color. It will help the details of your house to stand out.

Remember, light colors neutralize details, so they’re good for deemphasizing. Dark colors attract attention, so use them sparingly to draw the eye.

How does the siding look at different times of the day?

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Another tricky thing about swatches is that you tend to view them in only 1 type of light.

A color may look great on a bright sunny day, but how will it look in the evenings, on a cloudy day, or in rain and snow?

What is the style of your home’s architecture?

The architectural style of your home can give you some clues on what color siding would best complement it. For example, if you live in a Dutch Colonial-style home, you may opt to stick to the tradition of painting it a single color with subtle accents. If you live in more of a craftsman’s home, earth tones are probably a good choice.

If you still need help deciding what color to choose, we are here to help! You can use this form to upload a picture of your home, and the experts of Milanese Remodeling will provide a list of siding options that we think will work for you.

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