Our Top 5 Reasons to Add a Sunroom to Your Home

July 12, 2018
Sunroom by Milanese Remodeling

Enjoying time in the outdoors is a summer must! But what do you do when you’re getting eaten to death by mosquitos and the hot sun is just too much? And what about when the weather turns cold and icy.

During winter, most of us itch to see the sky and spend time in nature, but conditions make forgoing this preferable. However, despite the chilly temperatures, the sun is still there, and you can create a haven in which to enjoy it.

Sunrooms, sometimes called Four Season or Patio Rooms, are the perfect solution. Typically, they are surrounded on at least 3 sides with windows, allowing you to relax in a space that is filled with sunshine but protected from the elements. Plus, creating your sunroom can be as easy as enclosing your existing porch.

Our Top 5 Reasons to Install a Sunroom

1. Raise Your Real Estate Value: Sunrooms certainly improve your lifestyle. Having a sunny space that’s protected from the elements is a wonderful home feature that your whole family can enjoy. Plus, adding a sunroom is a great way to increase the value of your home. Not only will it increase your square-footage, which increases value, but they are desirable features for which home buyers will pay more.

2. An Escape From the Heat or Cold: In summer, we want to spend time outside in the nice weather, but sometimes, it can get too hot and uncomfortable. In the winter, we get cabin fever and long to see the sun and sky, but it’s just too cold! From the comfort of your sunroom, you can enjoy the outdoors all year, without the heat beating down on you or the cold winds cutting into your skin.

3. Enjoy Natural Lighting and Boost Your Mood: A sunroom provides a place to enjoy natural sunlight. This warm, inviting retreat is the perfect place to play a board game with your family, enjoy a cup of tea and a book, or drink your morning coffee. Plus, sunlight is a great way to boost your mood, which is especially beneficial to those suffering from seasonal depression. Even when the weather outside is cold, you’ll still be able to soak up the vitamin D you need from inside your home.

4. More Versatile Space: Having an extra space in your home is never a bad thing! This space can provide you with more room to entertain guests, work from home, and enjoy your hobbies. It can function as a playroom for children and grandchildren. Sunrooms also offer all the benefits of a patio, but without exposing you to the elements. in a room surrounded by windows, you’ll feel like you’re outside. But shut all the windows, and you’ll be protected from the rain and sun.

5. Perfect Place to Store Plants: Gardeners will love having a sun-filled room to store plants during the winter.

Milanese Remodeling Creates a Custom Enclosure

You may imagine a sunroom as a four-walled room surrounded by panes of glass. At Milanese Remodeling, we can do much more.

Our pergola structures can form the base for a retractable roof and retractable screen walls. Add bi-fold patio doors on the wall adjacent to the patio to blur the line between the patio and the inside of your home. In the video below, you can watch as outdoor living expert Mark Milanese gives an overview of these exterior improvements.

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