Pergola with Motorized Louvers for Sun, Rain & Snow Protection

May 20, 2021

Meet the latest addition to our awning repertoire: the motorized pergola roof!

The NEW PERGOLA effectively protects outdoor living spaces from sun, rain and snow. Motorized louvers open to any angle or completely close at the touch of a button.

Motorized Louvered Pergola Features

  • Traditional pergola look you love with motorized louvers!
  • Close louvers to block sun, rain and snow
  • Open louvers when you want sun in the house or on your patio
  • Tilt louvers to block the sun without trapping hot air
  • Barbecue Anytime! Close Louvers in rain or snow.  Open Louvers when it’s hot
  • Accessorize with fans, lights, heaters, speakers & shade curtains

Why Choose a Louvered Pergola Over a Traditional Pergola?

Most homeowners agree that the traditional pergola is a great-looking backyard accessory. Unfortunately, the pergola was originally meant to have plants and vines growing over it to add shade below, but adding vines to a traditional pergola presents a dilemma for today’s homeowners.

With vines, the pergola gives better shade, but the climbing plants need maintenance, make a mess on the patio, make a home for insects and damage the pergola structure. Without vines, a pergola doesn’t protect from sun or rain very well.

Pergola With Motorized Louvers Comes in a Variety of Styles

Milanese Remodeling offers several models of pergolas with motorized louvers for sun, rain & snow protection. 

Choose from European or American louvered designs to find the right look for your exterior. All of our pergolas can be customized to suit your outdoor decor style and can be engineered to cover virtually any size area you want to protect. All of the new pergolas will allow you to open the louvers at any angle, so you can shade the sun, but still feel the fresh air or let the heat & smoke from a barbecue grille escape. Learn more about our pergola options.

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