Patio & Awning Sale – Extreme Backyard Makeover

March 24, 2014

MR News Extreme MakeoverMilanese negotiated low end-of-winter prices from the manufacturers of their most popular products and select homeowners will pay less for awnings and patios.

The Milanese Remodeling “Backyard Makeover” includes a large 16’ x 11’ paver patio and a motorized retractable awning installed for only $9,995.

Awning & Patio Sale

Milanese says good value is not only about low prices. “Our past clients are our best friends.  We work hard to delight them with quality products, dependable service AND reasonable prices”.

In 1957 Gabe and Jackie Milanese opened the doors of their home remodeling showroom on East Lincoln Highway in Caln Township. The Milanese family has remodeled thousands of homes and businesses in Chester County during the almost 60 years since then. Their track record is amazing, especially considering the average lifespan of a home remodeling company is less than three years.

Although Milanese Remodeling has been around forever, these special deals won’t last that long. The Extreme Makeover offers are scheduled to expire April 30, 2014.

Meet Mr Milanese Cartoon