Spring Fever? Backyard Makeover Specials & Outdoor Living Rooms by Milanese Remodeling!

February 26, 2014

Milanese Remodeling is spreading Spring Fever  all over Chester County with our Outdoor Living Rooms!

Milanese Remodeling creates Outdoor Living Rooms for better outdoor living at home.

Enjoy Spring Fever!
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We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Start with a deck or patio 
  2. Add an awning to protect your space
  3. Accessorize your Outdoor Living Room

Accessories for your Outdoor Living Room:

  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Outdoor Bar
  • Outdoor Television
  • Outdoor Heating
  • Fire Features
  • Water Features


1)  Start with a deck or patio…  

A Dog's Life in Coatesville, Chester County Backyard. Retractable Awning over the Axek Deck - Great for the Dog Days of Summer

Deck & Railing PHOTO GALLERY



If the door from your kitchen is up, up and away an elevated deck is a good start.  Clubhouse Decking stays cooler in the heat of the sun and is the most stain resistant – guaranteed!  Add metal railing for the old world look that is elegant and sturdy with less maintenance than wood or vinyl.

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Select from seasonal or year round awnings and patio roofs to protect your outdoor living room



If your back door is close to the ground we recommend a Cambridge Paver floor with Armortec. It will look new forever! 
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2)  Next, Add an Awning  


Deck & Patio Awning                             PHOTO GALLERY

To really enjoy your new Outdoor Living Room you will need some kind of protection from the heat of the sun and those rainy days.  Milanese Remodeling recommends adding an awning, porch roof, cabana or pergola.

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3)  Now, Customize with Accessories!

To complete your backyard makeover select from our great assortment of accessories.  Customize your Outdoor Living Room to suit your lifestyle and budget with an Outdoor Kitchen, Bar, Television, Heating, Fire & Water Features…


Learn More about Spring 2014 Backyard Makeover Packages… Make your backyard an Outdoor Living Room you can enjoy all year long!  Spring Newsletter – Special Offers on Awnings, Windows, Doors & Siding

Backyard Makeover Specials and Outdoor Living Rooms are the cure for Spring Fever in Chester County, PA

Backyard Makeovers and Outdoor Living Rooms from Milanese Remodeling
Accessorized with Outdoor Kitchen, Bar, Television, Heating, Fire & Water Features

Start living outdoors…  Now is the time to make your backyard an “Outdoor Living Room” you can enjoy all year long… forever. 

Milanese Remodeling specializes in making outdoor living rooms in Chester County. Spring is a great time to get an outdoor living room designed and installed by Milanese Remodeling!

The “Outdoor Living Room” you’ve been dreaming of…  At a PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD!

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