Spring is Almost Here: Time to Inspect Your Home’s Exterior!

February 26, 2017

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The moment warm weather hits, you’ll want to have a space for enjoying the outdoors. You would surely like to remove unwanted decay and weed from your garden (check out www.galvintreecutting.com). Now is the time to inspect your home and prepare for any changes that will help you enjoy your summer.

Whether you are forced to make changes to your home because of winter damages or you are just looking to make improvements to the appearance of your exterior, Milanese Remodeling can help.

When is Remodeling Your Exterior Necessary?

Windows in masonry wall from Milanese RemodelingYou’ve spent most of your winter indoors, so now is the time to get outside and see if anything has changed in your yard. Since spring is a rainy season, you want to get any damage repaired as soon as possible to avoid complications like flooding, mold, or swelling.

When taking a visual inventory of your property, you may want to start by looking from the roof down, and then go through our inspection checklist.

Exterior Home Inspection Checklist

  • Are my shingles aligned?
  • Is my chimney cracked?
  • Are the gutters pulling away?
  • Is my siding secure?
  • Are the windows cracked?
  • Is there any evidence of water damage?
  • Are the fire escapes in due shape and condition? Fire escapes need to be maintained since a fire can break out at any point of time and you need to be prepared. Also, make sure that you have fire attorneys at hand so that they can come to your rescue just like the California attorneys for Woolsey fire victims came as a blessing to them.
  • Is my house becoming a breeding ground for pests and insects? If that is what is indeed happening to you, then it is about time that you contact Pest Control Boston King | PCBK and get rid of the nuisance.

Well, while you are checking for exterior changes, also check your plumbing lines since no renovation or remodelling can take place without the proper supply of water. Call a 24 Hour Plumbing Service if you need to get the lines fixed, but do not keep such an essential task for later.

Take stock of any repairs you might need. The Gettysburg Gutter Advantage will ensure that your gutters work for long without any issues. You may want to also check the interior of your home for any water damage because it could be a sign of a broken window or door. Getting ahead on your repairs will ensure that you don’t have more extensive damage and costly repairs in the future.

This authentic Italian Style Outdoor kitchen features a wood fired pizza ovenWhen is Upgrading Your Exterior Recommended?

If you don’t have any visible problems with your exterior, but you are feeling unhappy with the appearance, then it’s a good time to start planning your dream summer oasis.

Scheduling your remodeling now will ensure that you can enjoy it in time for summer BBQs.

How to Create an Appealing Outdoor Space

When it comes to remodeling outdoors, you want to start from the ground up.

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  • The Foundation: If you don’t have a current deck or patio, that’s the first place to start.
  • The Entrances: If your doorway is aging, some simple updates can help create a more welcoming entrance. Sliding glass doors also create a nice entrance to your patio.
  • The Shade: No patio space is complete without an awning. A shady patio is a great place to relax on a hot summer day.
  • The Accessories: These finishing touches turn a great backyard into an oasis escape. This could mean adding an outdoor kitchen with a grill or pizza oven, or installing a bar, fire pit, hot tub, or outdoor television.

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Ready to Start Planning Your Outdoor Space? Contact Milanese Remodeling

Milanese Remodeling offers a wide array of outdoor projects. Whether you want a deck, patio room, or outdoor living space, we can help create the backyard paradise you have in mind. Contact us online when you’re ready to get started. You can also give us a call at 610-384-5820.

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