Should You Replace Your Roofing and Siding Together?

October 21, 2019

Exterior Update in Chester CountyThere are two main reasons for updating your siding or roofing—damage/deterioration or the desire to have a new appearance.

Both are good reasons, but if you are considering updating just one part of your home’s exterior, you may want to consider the rest of the structure.

While you may not be ready to commit to changing both your roofing and siding at once, it could be more efficient and cost-effective to combine the projects together. Crossing two items off your list at one time helps ensure fewer maintenance projects in the years to come.

Steps to Take When Replacing Your Siding or Roof

  1. Inspect All Parts of Your Home: When it’s time to replace your siding or roof, inspect your windows and doors. Do they need to be replaced or reinstalled? Often damage to your home’s exterior affects more than just one part.
  2. Replacing Your Siding? Consider Replacing Your Roof: It’s a good idea to think about your roof. Ask yourself when the roof was last installed and have a contractor complete an inspection of the roof even if you think it’s in decent condition. You could save yourself hassle down the road if your roof is showing signs of deterioration. Plus, if your roof has some leaks, you aren’t going to want to cause any damage to your brand new siding (and face future larger repairs).
  3. Replacing Your Roof? Consider Replacing Your Siding: If your roof has been damaged, there’s a good chance your siding could be deteriorating as well. Oftentimes there could be moisture that you aren’t able to see. Also, if you are changing up the style of your roof, you may want to consider refreshing the siding to better complement the new look.
  4. Hire a Contractor Who Can Do it All: Protecting your home from the elements is not about any singular piece of the puzzle. It’s about making sure that every fixture—windows, doors, walls, roofs—work together to keep you protected from the elements. When you hire one contractor, you can either complete it as a single project or choose to set up project phases to cohesively transform an ugly house into a dream home. Working with one company also makes it much less stressful and ensures you can stick to your desired timeline. And if you decide on working with a specific roofing company, a good idea would be to start today, as roofing leads are something hard to get a hold of.

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Keep Rain and Snow Outside Where it Belongs

Keep in mind that your walls and your roof work together to protect your home from Mother Nature. In order to ensure your home is protected from heavy rainstorms, as well as winter’s icy wrath, it’s a good idea to throw in a new roof along with your new siding.

Remember, water damage can be incredibly destructive, and it:

  • Can occur at cracks in stucco or other masonry surfaces.
  • Can seep into even the smallest hole, crack or gap. Vulnerable areas include windows, doors, deck attachments, gable vents, light fixtures, hose bibs, and exhaust vents.
  • Causes structural damage and contributes to an unhealthy air quality by causing mold and mildew. It might even result in a large scale pest infestation which shall do no good to the roof. Check for such threats and eradicate it by reaching out to a pest control agency.

Why Choose Milanese Remodeling?

We make it fun & easy for you to have a new home exterior

When Milanese Remodeling installs new siding on your dream home, we properly install flashings wherever a roof meets the wall and wherever window or door casings meet the siding.

We are sure to use fascia covers and proper raincarrying systems to protect your home against water damage. At the perimeter of every gap in your exterior wall, we use Tyvek Homewrap & Tyvek tape. We seal in every crack and hole in your exterior, whether created by windows, doors, light fixtures, hose bibs, exhaust fans, gable vents, decks or additions.

We’ve been perfecting home exteriors since 1957. Interested in learning more? Request a free in-home consultation to get started.