Design Your Dream Home from Your Couch

March 25, 2020

HOVER App screenview We understand your concerns about meeting face-to-face during these difficult times. You can see our full statement addressing COVID-19 here.

We also recognize that you may have an exterior remodeling project you’d like to find out more about. We’d like to offer you a FREE interactive 3D model of your home.

While you’re spending time at home you could discover how your home could look with new colors and styles of siding, windows & roofing. Learn the price of your project, and get financing options (we’ve recently partnered with Enhancify to offer flexible financing options for projects up to $100,000). All without having to invite someone into your home.

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How it Works

Using the HOVER Connect App is easy! Just follow these steps:
Hover Connect House

  • Provide us with your email, address, and phone number (below) & we’ll invite you to download the HOVER Connect App.
  • Take 8 photos of your home with your phone
  • Get an interactive 3D model of your home
  • Change the look of your home with new colors & styles of siding, roofing & windows
  • See how your home will look “after” your project is complete
  • Get prices and financing for your project

Watch a Video to Learn More

This video gives a good overview of how the tool works.

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to get free renditions and price quotes for your exterior remodeling project without leaving your home (or needing us to come by), fill out the form below.

Complete the form below and then we’ll send you an invite to download HOVER Connect.

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