The First Step to Buying Replacement Windows for Your Home

September 8, 2014

Step 1… Visit a Local Showroom…  Replacing windows is a large investment that will affect you every day for as long as you own your property – and when it is time to sell.

Consumer Ratings recommends taking these 7 simple steps to help make your purchase easier and more satisfying.

7 Steps to New Windows 

1)       Visit a Local Showroom
2)       Ask for References
3)       Schedule an In-home Appointment
4)       Ask for Energy Star Ratings
5)       Ask for Design Pressure Ratings
6)       Ask to see the Warranty
7)       Get a Written Contract

Before you randomly call a replacement window company to send a salesperson out to your home you should first visit their showroom, as they will prove useful in the process of selecting windows appropriate for your climate.

Although getting in-home estimates from several companies without visiting showrooms may seem like an easy way to shop, it dramatically increases the chances of having to deal with a high-pressure, unprofessional salesperson.   The consumer may actually be put at a disadvantage and feel forced to make an immediate buying decision based on seeing only a small sample window, a brochure or no actual window at all.

The showroom visit puts you in the driver’s seat, allows you to walk out the door and lets you decide how you want to proceed.

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