Final Step before Buying Replacement Windows for Your Home

September 26, 2014

Step 7- Get a written contract…

Consumer Ratings recommends taking 7 simple steps to get the best buy when replacing the windows on your home.  This article explores the final step of the process of buying replacement windows for your home or business. Getting a written contract and is the most important task before buying.

7 Steps to New Windows 

1)       Visit a Local Showroom
2)       Ask for References
3)       Schedule an In-home Appointment
4)       Ask for Energy Star Ratings
5)       Ask for Design Pressure Ratings
6)       Ask to see the Warranty
7)       Get a Written Contract

Your list of potential contractors and window product choices is shorter because you have taken the first 6 steps:

1.    Visited showrooms and selected only contractors you feel comfortable having work on your home
2.    Asked for, received and checked local references
3.    Scheduled in-home appointments with your short list of replacement window specialists
4.    Received Energy Star Ratings to compare pricing based upon energy savings potential
5.    Received DP Ratings to compare pricing based upon resistance to air infiltration, water penetration, resistance to forced entry and overall structural strength
6.    Reviewed the actual warranty coverage for your windows and know what is covered and by whom

Now, it is finally time to get a written contract for this very important project… A verbal quote is different than a legally binding contract.  A handwritten estimate doesn’t give all of the details of a replacement window project either.  

 Get a Written Contract!

 Once you have agreed on the model, brand, style and options for your window replacement project it is time to get the exact price for that specific window and options you selected along with the installation methods and any interior or exterior trim written up as a contract.

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Mark Milanese writes articles for DWM/Shelter magazine.