Do I Need to Replace My Windows?

November 22, 2023

WindowsAs the holiday season begins, we all spend more time in our homes. We gather around fireplaces, we eat meals together in our dining rooms, we welcome guests to stay, and we make memories that will last a lifetime. It is often at these times that we become more attuned to things that could be improved around our home, like our windows and doors. Especially as the weather changes, it may become very evident that the chill we feel isn’t from Jack Frost welcoming Christmas, but from windows that may need replacing.

The Telltale Signs of Old, Damaged, or Weathered Windows

Feelin’ drafty? There are many signs that your windows need to be replaced. While we would love to come and assess your property to ensure your windows are functioning as they should for all seasons – here are some signs to look for on your own:

  • Energy Bills. Have you noticed a drastic or even semi-unusual increase in your energy bill? This can often be a sign that your heat or a/c is escaping from windows or doors.
  • Function. Windows that don’t shut easily or that are difficult to open or lock/unlock are ones you should consider replacing. These windows pose a safety hazard, but they also may be impacting your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Temperature Fluctuations. If you feel overheated in the summer or too cold in the winter, despite having a functioning and efficient A/C unit or heat supply, this can be evidence of faulty windows.
  • Uneven Wear/Tear. Your furniture and curtains will age in relation to their exposure to the sun or weather. If your furniture or drapes near windows seem to be discolored or wearing faster than ones of the same type/age in other areas of your home – you may need to check your windows.
  • Obvious Signs. These include obviously broken windows, cracked windows, or noticeable drafts and chills coming from a closed window.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

There are a lot of benefits homeowners can gain by replacing windows. These benefits range from comfort to economy. As a homeowner, it is important to evaluate your windows and be diligent in looking for the signs mentioned above. If you do decide to replace them, here are some great benefits you will gain:

  • Added Home Value and Increase in Equity. Windows add a lot of value to your home, but they can also decrease your home’s value if they are not in good condition. In fact, many buyers may ask for new windows during their home inspection period – but at that point, you will have lost the opportunity to gain equity and have to pay for them out of pocket. If you are deciding to sell your home soon, it is a very wise decision to replace your windows before you list the home.
  • Lower Energy Bills. As mentioned above, your energy may be leaking out your windows causing a hit to your wallet. You can save money by getting energy-efficient windows from Milanese Remodeling and watching your energy bills go down month by month!
  • Curb Appeal. It isn’t all about looks, but who doesn’t love a nice-looking home? One of the main attractions of a house is the windows, so enhancing the curb appeal can start by replacing windows.
  • Safety. Windows that function properly, open properly. This can save the life of a loved one or a family pet during an emergency. In addition, windows that can open, close, lock/unlock without force will have a much longer life than damaged ones that can break from the constant force. Windows that lock reliably can also protect your home from theft.

Here are some beautiful replacement windows we have done for homeowners recently.

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Why Now is the Right Time

Every home is different, and you may have certain styles or aesthetics that you prefer. Our team can help! We take all things into consideration before recommending windows – including the climate, your style, and your home’s needs.

Windows are like the eyes of a home, letting in the light that fills every room with warmth and laughter. A house becomes a home when it’s embraced by the sunshine peeking through its windows. So, don’t let malfunctioning, aged, or damaged windows squash the light and warmth. Milanese Remodeling has many options for window replacement. Right now, you can take advantage of no-interest financing for 18 months, low interest for up to 120 months, and payments as low as $199/month (on approved credit)! Get started with a free consultation today.