Gift Idea- “Christmas from the Heart” Children’s Book

December 12, 2015

Bella Books Make Great Gifts for Children of all ages

“Christmas from the Heart” Christmas from the Heart is the Newest Bella Book written by Linda Milanese Kerschner and Illustrated by Jackie Milanese

Bella doesn’t have the money to buy a fancy present for her favorite teacher.  Her Nonna shows her the best presents don’t always cost the most money – they come from the heart!

What’s Inside?

  • A Heartwarming Story about Bella & Her Nonna
  • Recipes for Traditional Italian Cookies: Pizzelles & Biscotti
  • Italian Vocabulary Lesson: Christmas & New Year
  • Puzzles – Find a Word, What is Different?
  • Bella Books are fun for children of all ages!

Click Here to order your copy of “Christmas from the Heart” in time for Christmas ON SALE at Amazon Books for $14.99 

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Each book tells a heart-warming story with a valuable life lesson PLUS

  • Secret Milanese Family Recipes
  • Italian Vocabulary Lessons
  • Italian Traditions, Games & Puzzles.

“Bella Books” by the mother & daughter team of Linda & Jackie Milanese, are the perfect gift for children on your your shopping list this Christmas!

Linda & Jackie Milanese are the Mother & Daughter Team behind "Bella Books"

Linda Milanese Kerschner & Jackie Milanese are the Mother & Daughter Team behind “Bella Books”… The Italian-American Children’s Book Series.

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