MPG for Replacement Windows Protect the Consumer

October 14, 2014

“Miles per Gallon” for Windows… Did you know windows have labels to protect the consumer? They’re like the “Miles per Gallon” stickers found on new cars… Since the mid-seventies the…


Consumer Ratings – Best Window Installer Dare

October 6, 2014

Consumer Ratings Dares You to Compare Window Installers WE DARE YOU TO COMPARE! Consumer Ratings selects Milanese Remodeling INC as their Top Pick for the Best Buy in the Replacement…


How to Avoid a Replacement Window Disaster

September 30, 2014

When you select the right contractor to replace your windows, you will improve your home’s value, appearance, cost of ownership, security and energy efficiency. Select poorly and you will not….


Step 5 – Buying Replacement Windows for Your Home

September 22, 2014

Step 5- Ask for “Design Pressure” Ratings…  To get the Best Buy for Replacement Windows, Consumer Ratings Guide  recommends  7 easy steps to make your purchase more satisfying.  This article…