New Siding, Windows & Covered Porch in Downingtown, PA

November 11, 2017

New siding, windows & covered porch in Downingtown, PA transforms this home.

Before new siding, windows & covered porch this home in Downingtown, PA was a typical 1970’s style “Contemporary” Home. With careful attention to details, Milanese Remodeling transformed this home into the “New England Saltbox” the homeowners desired.


Before New sidiing, windows & Metal Roof in Downingtown

Before – “Contemproary”
Original Clapboard Style Siding, Casement Style Windows

After New Siding, Windows & Covered Porch in Downingtown, PA…

New siding, windows and metal roof transform this home

After- “New England Saltbox” Shake Siding, Double Hung Wiondows with Casings, Standing Seam Metal Covered Porch

The Standing Seam metal Roof over the front door of this home adds curb appeal, value & functionality for a young family in Glenmore, PA. That’s because the roof protects the entry from rain, snow & ice. The Window Casings surrounding the windows & Doors add the traditional touch of an earlier time. The Shake Style siding will wear well and looks great! The colors blend with the existing deck and railing for custom appeal.

Lets Get Started… The video (above) and the photo gallery (below) will show you how new siding, windows and a covered porch transformed this home from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan… With the help of careful design and beautiful Alside Siding Products your house could become the home you’ve been dreaming of! Fill out the form below and we can get your project started!

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Before & After Photo Gallery

New Siding, Windows & Covered Porch in Downingtown, PA