What is the Difference Between Single and Double Hung Windows?

December 12, 2021

If you are a homeowner, chances are you are starting to research topics you never thought you would. One of those topics might be the differences between single and double-hung windows. While it certainly isn’t something that crosses everyone’s mind, the difference for your energy bill, or even your decor style, might be impacted. Maybe it is time you learn so you can make the best choice for your home renovation projects!

A Single Hung Window

You may have also heard this called a ‘single sash window’. This style is a very popular option for single-story homes in bathrooms, kitchens, and even smaller bedrooms. The top part of the window does not move while the bottom will slide up and down. This allows the airflow to come through the bottom ‘sash’ opening exclusively.

A Double-Hung Window

As you may have guessed, a double-hung window has two sashes or two ventilation openings. There is a ‘sash’ at the top and a ‘sash’ at the bottom. The thought for this design is that because hotter air rises, it can escape out the top sash, while the bottom sash will allow cooler, fresher air inside.

double hung window

A double-hung window is especially popular in multiple-story homes, as it allows for greater ventilation and air circulation.

The Right Fit for Your Home

In general, both single-hung and double-hung windows can be excellent choices for your home. As long you use a trusted contractor, you can be sure that either option will meet Energy Star guidelines. A single-hung window may prove to be slightly more energy efficient than a double-hung, just because you only have one point of air penetration versus two, but the difference will be minimal.

Single-hung windows are also going to be slightly more affordable, just because of their size and the cost of installation. Overall, it will really depend on your decor preference when choosing which window is right for you.

Our team at Milanese Remodeling offers a variety of window options and would be happy to chat with you about which ones may be right for your home and your renovation. Please contact us for a quote or consultation today!