How Can Restaurants Extend the Outdoor Dining Season?

October 13, 2021
Outdoor bar patio by Milanese Remodeling

It has become increasingly popular since the pandemic began: sitting outside at your favorite restaurant, enjoying the fresh air, the lights of downtown, good food, tasty drinks, and the experience of people watching. However, when the weather turns and the days begin getting shorter, the outside dining experience can quickly become unappetizing (pun intended). So, how can restaurants extend the outdoor dining season? We’re glad you asked!

Protect Patrons From the East Coast Elements

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Living on the east coast, we are no stranger to wet weather. Most of us have an umbrella tucked somewhere in our vehicle and a raincoat handy any time of year. For a pleasant outdoor dining experience, restaurants can add custom awnings, sidewalls, and pergolas to their dining patios. Depending on the restaurant’s needs and wants, there are a few options we would recommend: 

  • Put Up Awnings. Awnings are fantastic for areas that get a lot of weather. These can be customized to protect against the elements for three or four seasons of the year. In addition, our team at Milanese Remodeling can add a ceiling fan or mister to these awnings in the summertime or heaters in the wintertime. You can also choose a retractable awning if you are worried about saving space when additional shade or protection is unnecessary.
  • Extend Sidewalls. One of the best add-ons to a custom awning is sidewalls. You can customize these to have large windows, so guests can still enjoy the views without feeling the weather.
  • Create a Warm Space. Restaurant owners have the opportunity to keep their outdoor dining open year-round as long as they provide a warm atmosphere for diners. Adding a central fire pit or any top-rated outdoor heaters will keep the heat in the area and offer a beautiful, cozy aesthetic while people enjoy their meal.
  • Go the Extra Mile.  A good dose of hospitality will bring your patrons back again and again. When creating an outdoor space that can be useable throughout the year, avoid metal seating and tables. Instead, opt for wooden furniture or seating that is cushioned. You can also keep blankets around for an added experience. Keeping fun things on your menu, like specialty hot drinks or soups, will also be a big hit when the cold weather sets in.

Design a Custom Outdoor Dining Experience

Our team at Milanese Remodeling would be excited to join efforts with your business in creating an outdoor dining space that can be used all year long. We can help make your restaurant the ‘talk of the town’ from custom patios and awnings to outdoor bars and kitchens. So give us a call at 610-384-5820 or contact us here and let’s start dreaming together.