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February 15, 2015

Mark Milanese is the Host of “Cool Outdoor Living”

Mark Milanese is the Host of the NEW Milanese Remodeling YouTube Channel, but the real “Stars” are the homeowners who select Milanese Remodeling to improve their homes. If you are a Milanese Remodeling client you may find yourself or your home on the new  Milanese Remodeling TV Reality Show.  If you live in Chester County, PA you are sure to see your neighbors, friends and family on the Milanese Remodeling YouTube Channel!


 Dreaming of Spring?

If you’re dreaming of enjoying outdoors at home as soon as the weather gets warm you may enjoy watching the “Cool Outdoor Living Playlist” featuring awnings, patios and fun accessories to enjoy outdoors at home.We hope you enjoy watching homes and homeowners in Chester County on the Milanese Remodeling Channel.

How do you like me, now?

We hope you like the Milanese Remodeling Channel on YouTube and we encourage you to subscribe on YouTube so you can see new episodes of Milanese Remodeling TV first. If you want to appear on a future episode, please contact Mark Milanese at Milanese Remodeling using the from at the upper right hand side of this page.

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About the Milanese Remodeling YouTube Channel…

Mark’s daughter, Jackie Milanese filmed and directed the first new episode – “Welcome to the Milanese Remodeling Show”.  Mark Milanese edited the video and added slideshows of Milanese Remodeling projects featuring homes and homeowners in Chester County, PA. All of the content featured in this video are Milanese Remodeling clietns right here in Chester County, PA… There is a wide variety of Playlists on the Milanese Remodeling channel to inspire you to remodel your home.

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Please contact Mark Milanese at Milanese Remodeling to be featured on a future episode of Milanese Remodeling “Cool Outdoor Living” or “Exteriors for Life”.

Call Mark on his cell Phone 484-883-1091

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