Who Installs Awnings in Chester County, PA?

August 26, 2014
Milanese Retractable Awning West Chester, PA

Milanese Retractable Awning West Chester, PA

We all want an awning for shade and shelter so we can enjoy outdoor living, but is an awning a “Do-it-Yourself” project, or should a professional install your awning?

Here are the top 5 Reasons why you need a professional to install your retractable awning in Chester County, PA.
#1 – Proper preparation of the wall means your awning will stay put, not fall off and hurt someone.
#2 – Factory trained installers give you the benefit of a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
#3 – Well-made retractable awnings are HEAVY. This awning needed 5 heavy lifters to safely be put in place.
#4 – Your investment will last for years! (This awning was installed in 2009 and still looks GREAT!)
#5 – Experienced professionals at Milanese Remodeling know how to measure and place your awning for maximum shade and shelter!

Milanese Remodeling is the Awning expert in Chester County,PA.  Click here to learn more about awnings by Milanese Remodling

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