A Fire Pit Heats up Outdoor Living

September 23, 2015

Design Tips from Mark Milanese

Add a Fire Pit for Better Outdoor Living!

Fire adds fun to outdoor living

Adding fire for light, heat and grilling is the fun step to enjoy outdoor living.

The Milanese Fire Pit is a new way to enjoy the old-fashioned campfire. A modern fire pit from Milanese Remodeling features a patio floor, granite bar top rings, grilling areas, spark shields and built-in seating.  Choose the convenience of gas or wood burning fire pits.  Add a table top cover and your Fire Pit becomes a coffee table when fire is not needed.

Chester County backyard with Cambridge Pavingstones Fire Pit

Campfires for the Modern Family… Cambridge Pavers with Armortec

SUMMARY:  Ever since we discovered Fire we understood how the heat & light of a fire could improve our lives. Adding the element of Fire to Outdoor Space provides us with 3 Valuable Benefits:

  • Light
  • Heat
  • Cooking

To install a custom Fire Pit contact Mark Milanese at  Milanese Remodeling

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