Awnings are Good for Business!

June 30, 2014
AWnings make a great first impression for a business

Kaplans Jewelry Store, West Chester, PA


  1. Restaurants add awnings to protect outdoor seating and increase sales of food and beverages.
  2. New awnings make a great first impression on potential customers and market your business.
  3. Shade from an awning can reduce utility expenses by lowering air conditioning costs.
  4. Awnings can lower maintenance costs and damage to merchandise by reducing sun damage to furnishings, flooring, drapes and displays.
  5.  Awnings can cover walkways and entrances to protect employees and clients from snow, sun and rain.
Genertions Toys, Phoenixville, PA

Generations Toys, Phoenixville, PA

Awnings are good for business!

Give your business a fresh appearance, reduce air conditioning costs and protect outdoor seating from sun and rain with an awning.  Increased revenue from protected seating, marketing, lower air conditioning bills and maintenance costs can pay for your awning investment in just a few months. Contact Milanese Remodeling for a free design consultation and start improving your business!

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