Prepare Your Backyard for Summer BBQs

May 30, 2017

Now that May is coming to a close, BBQ season is officially in full swing. Although at Milanese Remodeling, we’ve had our grills fired up since March.

First off, you’ll want to check out the winning entries from our previous summer recipe contest for some good BBQ inspiration. But besides delicious food and close friends and family, a fabulous patio area is what makes for a first-rate BBQ.

Is your space ready for summer entertaining?

How to Get Your Patio Ready for a Summer BBQ

outdoor barSweep and Prep Lawn: Give the grass a good mow, then survey the situation. Level out any holes or dips that could be a tripping hazard and scatter grass seeds over bare patches. Now is also a good time to sweep leaves and other debris off of your patio and walkways.

Stock Your Outdoor Bar: Nothing throws a wrench in summer fun like constantly running indoors to grab more drinks. Milanese can install custom outdoor bars so you can keep the party going. While you’re at it, you can update your barbecue area with a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen.

Control Bugs: It will be difficult for you and your guests to relax when everyone is constantly swatting at flying pests. A few days before the party, clear out any standing water. That’s where these little buggers breed. Right before the party, stir things up with a little air flow. Since mosquitoes have poor flying skills, a fan, even set on low, will keep them at bay.

Outdoor TVMake Sure Your Fire Pit is in Working Order: Gathering around a blazing fire is the best way to wind down a summer party. Milanese Remodeling will work with you to create the perfect pit.

Install Lighting: Make sure the festivities continue after sunset by hanging up some outdoor lights. These could be string lights, lanterns, or even LED Christmas lights.

Chester County Awning by Milanese Remodeling

Keep Things Cool: Purchase some wash cloths from the dollar store, bind them with a rubber band, and keep them in a container of ice water for guests to cool down.

Another fail-safe method for cooling off? An awning. This will keep the sun from beating down on your guests, protecting them from UV rays. Our recent blog post will help you choose the style of awning that will work best for your exterior.

Enjoy the Festivities!

Graduation, Father’s Day, The Fourth of July, Labor Day–make sure your patio is ready for these fun summer celebrations. For more inspiration, check out our Chester County Backyards post.

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