Global Warming? – The REAL Truth

March 23, 2014

Will Winter End? Experts Make Predictions

Strong evidence points to  climate change in the very near future.

Environmentalists say the sun has been rising earlier and setting later each day.  Meteorologists forecast warmer temperatures will be the consequence of heat from more sunlight.  Horticulturists claim green grass, leaves and flowers are all likely.  Researchers predict the warmth will trigger the largest epidemic of Spring Fever in nearly a year.

Chester County residents may experience increased energy and vitality as well as more frequent smiles and unexpected signs of affection. The urge to spend time outdoors may overwhelm many. Spring Fever symptoms include:

  • Grinning
  • Friskiness
  • Backyard Picnics
  • Thermal Underwear Storage

We advise readers to prepare to enjoy warmer weather by protecting their outdoor living space from the heat of the sun with shade from an Awning professionally installed by Milanese Remodeling.  Please note that awnings are a very stylish addition to any backyard that will also keep rain from chasing you indoors.

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