Milanese Updates Home With New Siding, Front Porch Roof, and Door

March 29, 2023
after new siding

Nothing feels quite as good as having your home refreshed and updated – especially as Spring begins! Last month we finished a beautiful siding job and added a new front porch roof and front door that enhanced this home’s exterior. Check it out!

The Best Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

Many homeowners think that they have to spend a fortune to get the home they love – but what they really may be lacking is curb appeal. Milanese Remodeling loves giving homeowners the house of their dreams without the cost of a dream home. Here are some things we recommend to update your home:

  • Updated Siding – we know the trends and what styles will add the most value and equity to your home. For this homeowner, we used vinyl siding in Riviera Dusk from Alside with White Trim to freshen up the pale yellow exterior.
  • Pull Out the Front – a great way to make your home look bigger and more appealing is by bringing out the features of the front. We recommend doing this by adding front porch roofs or awnings, porches or patios, beautiful sconces, flower boxes, updated front doors, and shutters.
  • Modern, Efficient Windows – Not only do new windows look beautiful from the exterior, but the high-efficiency windows we recommend will help cut your energy costs and lower the noise coming into your home.

Turn Spring Cleaning into a Spring Home Refresh

Whether you want to update your home’s exterior with new siding from Milanese Remodeling – or you want to design the backyard of your dreams to enjoy every season, we would love to help you design it and execute it. Contact us today for a quote and let us help you fall in love with your home.