“Magical Fire Pit” A Poem by Mark Milanese

October 27, 2015

Fire adds fun to outdoor living

Adding fire for light, heat and grilling is the fun step to enjoy outdoor living.

Magical Fire Pit

We’re all friends around a fire 

Telling stories, singing songs

We toast marshmallows and each other 

All our cares and worries gone


Our glowing faces flicker 

Bright flames dancing in the dark

Eyes reflect ancestral memories

Soaring higher than fire sparks

by Mark Milanese

There is truly something magical about a fire… Ever since we discovered fire we understood how the heat & light of a fire could improve our lives – to cook, see and heat chilly air… But our ancestors huddled round the campfire for more than that. For security for their community from predators… and something more…. There is something primal about staring into the flames. It takes us backwards to a place where we share old stories to young ears.  And that is as it has always been.  Around a campfire…  

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