How do I know if I need new doors or windows?

June 11, 2014

You can get an energy audit or home inspection, but you probably know if you need new doors and windows.   You need new doors and windows if they are:

  • Drafty & Cold in Winter
  • Unable to lock
  • Unable to Open
  • Too Hot in Summer
  • Causing furniture, floors and drapes to fade
  • Leaking Water when there is a driving rain
  • Broken

If you feel drafts at windows or cold radiating off of the glass during heating season, you will reduce heating costs by replacing your windows with properly installed energy efficient windows.

If you have to keep shades drawn during the summer months because of excessive heat build up in summer, new windows will help reduce cooling costs.

Of course, if your windows don’t function – they don’t open, lock, have failed glass or missing screens you will want to replace your windows to get them working again.

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