Exterior Decorating – Window Styles in Chester County

June 4, 2014

WINDOW STYLE CHOICES in chester county, pa…

Exterior decorating with replacement windows. Standard window Styles include double hung, picture, awning, casement and basement hopper

Standard Window Styles

Exterior decorating with replacement windows starts with learning which window styles are available.

There are many different styles of windows to choose from. The style of window you select will impact the look of your home. Homes in Chester County, PA vary in style from Colonial to Contemporary and each will call for their own style of window. Matching the architectural style of your home with the appropriate window is usually better for appearance and resale value.

Remember, window style is not just an exterior decorating decision.  The basic functions of a window are to provide light, view and ventilation while keeping out intruders and weather.  Different window styles will perform these functions differently. For example, picture style windows provide no ventilation, but maximum view and weather protection. Casement style windows provide almost the same amount of view and protection from weather with maximum ventilation . Awning style windows have the distinct advantage of being able to be left open when it is raining.

Knowing the window styles available and how they perform will help you decide which window is best for you. Consider consulting an experienced exterior design professional for guidance before selecting new windows.

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