How Much Does a New Patio Cost?

March 18, 2019
two people sitting at a patio under a retractable awning

Looking up the price of a product or service has never been easier. The internet allows us to Google whatever we want to buy and get an instant feel for the cost.

Unfortunately, this convenience doesn’t apply to certain things, like home improvements. These types of projects require on-site labor, and the cost can vary considerably based on the condition of your home and the style, color, features, and quality of the item you select for installation.

Though it’s not possible to get an exact number, you can get a ballpark estimate for your upcoming project. One resource we like to use is Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs Value report.

Determining the Cost of Your New Patio

Patio Space by Milanese Remodeling

Every year, Remodeling Magazine issues an annual report on Cost vs Value. In addition to giving you a good idea of how much your renovation will cost, it lets you know how much return on investment (ROA) you can expect from the project.

The Cost Vs Value report also does its research on over 100 markets throughout the US, allowing you to target the cost of the project in the area where you live.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2018 cost vs. value report:

  • The national average cost to install a patio is $54,130
  • The average cost of a mid-range patio in the Mid-Atlantic Region is $56,067 and adds an average of $24,851 to a home’s resale value
  • The average cost of a mid-range patio in the Philadelphia area is $61,892 and adds an average of $30,494 to a home’s resale value.

The above data was pulled from a project involving:

  • Installing a 20×20-foot flagstone patio on flat ground behind a home.
  • Connecting the house and patio via a lift-and-slide glass door
  • Adding a gas-powered fire pit in the center of the patio surrounded with four mid-priced all-weather deck chairs.
  • Installing a stone veneer modular kitchen unit with a gas grill, mini refrigerator, sink, and storage
  • Installing a 20×20-foot cedar pergola capable of holding an awning that can shade the entire deck
  • Installing a mid-priced, low-voltage light that can illuminate the patio at night.
  • Underground gas and electrical connections.

Check out more details of the Cost vs. Value report on Remodeling Magazine’s website.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Patio

QVC Studio, West Chester, PA - Home of the largest retractable awning in America

When you’re installing a patio, there are several factors that go into determining the cost of your project. These include things like:

  • Varying labor costs due to different existing conditions
    • To get an accurate estimate, you should have a contractor pay you a visit at your home to inspect conditions are estimate labor costs.
  • Everyone has different tastes and needs, and so each individual ends up selecting different choices that may cost more or less than someone else’s choice.
    • If you have any problems or specific visions for your patio project, be sure to communicate that to your remodeler.
  • The cost of labor plus the cost of the products you select will be what determines the cost of the project.

Remember, you can’t put a value on quality time spent outdoors with family and friends! Check out our older posts to find out how much other remodeling projects can cost, like new windows or doors.