The Stationary Awning

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The above slideshow features some local properties with Milanese Remodeling Stationary Awnings.

Milanese stationary awnings offer protection from sun and rain. For additional protection, choose from a 3 or 4-season stationary awning:

4-Season Stationary fabric awnings protect your patio or deck from ice and snow, as well as snow and rain all year long. Learn more about the WeatherMaster 4-Season

3-Season stationary fabric awnings protect outdoor space from sun and rain, but must have the fabric removed before any chance of snow. Removing the fabric lets sun indoors during winter.

Stationary Awning Additional Options

Choose from a number of custom options to enhance your outdoor living space, including the following:

  • Retractable walls
  • Lights
  • Ceiling fans
  • Misting fans
  • Heaters
  • Speakers
  • Outdoor television

Stationary Awnings With Retractable Screen Walls!

Custom Entrance Canopies…

Protect the doors to your home from sun, rain & snow!

Awning Installation

Milanese Retractable Awnings are better because:

  • Experience – We’ve installed over 25,000 awnings since 1957
  • Strength – Milanese Stationary Awnings have the Highest wind ratings!
  • Better Installation – Our installation is guaranteed not to leak or fall off your home!
  • Sun Control Experts – We provide free sun control evaluations!

Learn more about stationary awnings from the Milanese Remodeling YouTube Playlist.