Homeowners Proudly Wave the American Flag

July 3, 2017

Milanese Remodeling homeowners are very patriotic…

Our clients proudly wave the American flag in front of their homes – not just on special occasions, but every day.  They’re proud to be Americans and proud of the contributions Chester County residents have made to the USA…

Dan Schuster, Navy Veteran and his wife Bonnie and their home in Downingtown, PA … Our clients live in the suburbs of Philadelphia – the birthplace of our nation. Chester County natives have defended our nation for generations…

From the American Revolution…

Our citizens have defended our rights and protected our freedoms. Chester County natives have fought in every battle where the flag has flown – from the American Revolution to our fight against ISIS today. We’re proud of our armed forces for protecting the American Citizenship from those who would defeat our way of life now, and for defending America and our allies from the Tyranny of Dictatorships in the past… America can count on Chester County in the future, if need be.

Alert Fire Company in Downingtown, PA… Chester Countians have always volunteered their service to others and contributed to the economy of our nation.

To the Industrial Revolution…

See the Lukens Historic District & learn about Rebecca Lukens at the National iron & Steel Heritage Museum.

National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum

Chester County is where the Industrial Revolution was born. From the East & West Branches of the Brandywine, from Phoenixville to Coatesville we’ve  used the Natural resources of this great land to build great things from Steel.

In Coatesville, the Lukens Steel Mill is the longest continuously operating steel mill in the World. The Steel Produced in the Mills of Coatesville have made our Country Great & Good.

 Lukens Steel made unimaginable construction possible. From the humble beginning of producing nails for modest homes to the “Trees” that formed the Foundation of the World Trade Center.

Lukens Steel made steel for transportation – from the rims of Conestoga Wagons to the 1st Locomotive Engine and the 1st steel ship to Nuclear Submarines & Aircraft Carriers.  

The Lukens Steel Mill is now operated by Arcelor Mittal and continues to produce the finest steel in the world for Navy Vessels and New Structures  ~ in New York City and around the world!

 Learn More about the National Iron & Steel Heritage Museum

Steel Workers Memorial in Catesville with World Trade Center Treees

National Steel Workers Memorial in Coatesville, PA

Chester County has contributed more than Soldiers and Steel from Coatesville to help build our nation. .. In Downingtown, the Paper Mills are now closed , but from the birth of our nation they made the paper for packaging and to print a free press. Downingtown Paper allowed for daily newspapers – the “Internet” of a bygone era…Intellectual improvements also started here with Penicillin being mass produced during World War II in West Chester, PA. Artists such as Andrew Wyeth have also contributed to the appreciation of the beauty in our world.

Yes. Milanese Remodeling clients are patriotic. They are proud of the USA and they are willing to show their pride.  They are also willing to continue to work hard to make our nation greater in the future. And all of us at Milanese Remodeling are proud of our clients, appreciative of their efforts and also proud of the greatest country in the history of mankind – the United States of America!