Feeling Drafty? Find the Leaks in Your Home!

February 15, 2022

house with snow outside Whether you feel a draft through a window or door or heavy snow is impacting your roof,  any kind of leak in your home during winter can be frustrating. As we all snuggle up inside to endure the cold winter temperatures, it is essential to make sure your home provides warmth – for your safety and for your heating bill!

If you aren’t sure where the draft or cold is coming from, here are some home items to consider replacing or repairing.

Raise the Roof

Our roofs are the most important element to our homes. If our roof is faulty, not only can it allow water to seep into the house, but it can ruin the stability of the entire structure. Thankfully, if your roof was installed by a quality contractor and is new, you should not have to worry about your roof for quite some time.

However, if your roof is more than 10 years old, or there has been significant rain/snowfall recently, it is a good idea to inspect it. Roof leaks are usually found in the attic. These leaks can cause bigger issues like mold, so being diligent to prevent/fix issues is imperative. There are several warning signs that will alert you if you need a new roof.

To the Windows

cold house

Even if your window ‘seals’, you could be feeling chilly due to the type of window. Older homes do not have double-paned or energy-efficient windows. This can cause all the heat you pay for to literally go right out the window.

If you notice your windows fogging or icing up in the cold, you may need to inspect/replace them. Our team at Milanese recommends energy-efficient windows, as these prevent water and air from entering the home. Your energy bill will thank us!

New & Improved Patio Doors

The biggest door to the outdoors can also be the biggest loss of heating and cooling dollars. Not only that, but the patio door can also allow water penetration and damage to the wood framing around and below the door. Fortunately, the patio door has improved over the years. New doors look better and perform better. They keep out drafts and wind-driven rain better, too. And they can offer better security with locks that thwart forced entry.

Patio doors can be customized to suit your style with a wide variety of beautiful hardware choices, as well as interior and exterior color choices. In addition, features like internal blinds can provide privacy and lower air conditioning costs while reducing sun damage to flooring and furniture.
A new patio door can be an excellent investment that not only improves your home, but can also enhance how you enjoy outdoor living and how you view your backyard.

Side With Us

milanese siding

If your siding was improperly installed, you may have leaks that get down into your siding. While the siding itself won’t show these leaks, you will start seeing the effects as the moisture seeps through the insulation and the wall/ceiling of your home.

There are numerous things that can lead to leaks in your siding – but the main issue is choosing a contractor that did not have the knowledge (or did not have the desire) to install the siding properly. Here are some ways water can get behind the siding on your house.

  • Clogged Gutters. Gutter maintenance is very important. During the fall, leaves can clog the gutters and cause water to trickle down in inappropriate places, instead of down the designated run-off.
  • A Leaky Roof. If your roof is in disrepair, the water that should be repelled from your roof can trickle down behind the siding.
  • Incorrect installation. If your siding or even insulation was installed incorrectly, leaks can occur – make sure to use a trusted contractor like Milanese when replacing or repairing siding.
  • Mother Nature. Sometimes, it was just an act of nature that caused your leaking siding. High winds, strong storms, and heavy snow can cause major leak/moisture issues.
  • Trees. If your trees are too close to your home, the branches can damage the siding. This damage will then allow any moisture to come into the house. Make sure to trim back your branches away from the house to prevent a myriad of maintenance issues.

Keep in the Warmth

man cold in home

If you aren’t sure where the drafts or leaks are coming from, Milanese Remodeling can help check out any issues with your roof, windows, and doors and assess whether or not they need to be repaired or replaced. Contact our team and we can make sure your roof and siding are leak-proof, your windows keep in the warmth, and your door is tight and energy-efficient. Now is the right time to keep the rain out this spring and stop the cold next winter.

We offer excellent financing options. So, while you’re inspecting your home for drafts and leaks, consider financing a project with Milanese! One way to make your “leak” repairs more cost-effective is to make sure you are doing all of your repairs at one time (for instance, replacing your roof and siding at the same time). Big, separate projects can add up over time. The best way to save some dough is to schedule a quote with us and get all the work done in one, swift go!

Of course, if you have any additional questions about home maintenance or renovations, please chat with our team. We would love to work with you – and get the job done right!

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