Enjoy The Winter With a Motorized Pergola

November 25, 2020
Inside of large deck with pergola

If you’re a nature lover and can be found spending most of your time outside, then you probably are constantly trying to find new ways to comfortably enjoy the cold weather. We have the best option for you – a motorized pergola!

Add Motorized Louvers To Your Pergola

Motorized louvers on your pergola allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in all seasons – including the frigid winter months. The suitable remote rotates the louvers from fully open to a solid roof within just a few moments. This allows you to protect your space and outdoor experience with just a touch of a button.

Milanese motorized pergolas have an engineer stamped snow load of 30 pounds per square feet and can block up to 125 mph winds – both equivalent to a house roof! Most other motorized louvers need to be left open when winds are over 42 mph.

Accessorize Your Pergola

Outdoor pergola with lightsOnce you have motorized louvers on your pergola, it’s a great idea to accessorize your space! For the winter months, you can add infrared heaters for added warmth, and lights to combat daylight savings time. You can also hang curtains for privacy and to further block the wind.

There are plenty of more benefits to having a motorized pergola, including a timeless, classic look. For more information, click here.

Having a pergola is a great alternative to building a sunroof. It’s most times more affordable, offers great versatility for year-round use, and keeps your space open, ventilated, and safe for enjoying socially distant gatherings. If you are interested, fill out a contact form for more information and a quote.

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