Patio Design West Chester


A customized patio is the perfect summer escape. With Milanese Remodeling, you can add features such as an outdoor bar or hot tub, or even sitting walls for your guests. Read on to see all of the options we offer for your West Chester patio installation.

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What goes into a West Chester patio design?

Choosing the right patio design can be difficult. Luckily, Milanese Remodeling is here to walk you through the process. We have options for every budget.


10 The floor of your patio should be a hard, flat surface adjoining to the house. You can select from the following materials to pave your patio:

  • Paver stones
  • Natural stone
  • Natural concrete
  • Brick
  • Stamped and stained concrete


Radius Cambridge Sitting wall by Milanese RemodelingWe can use the masonry materials listed above to create a beautiful, natural looking wall. Patio walls not only provide security, but they make for great extra seating. We’re sure a wall will enhance your West Chester patio design.

Patio Roof

Detail DeckA roof protects patio-loungers from the sun and rain. It also keeps the space at a comfortable temperature. For your roof structure, choose between:

Outdoor Accessories

Outdoor accessories help to make a patio design feel exclusively yours. They allow you to customize for your own personal needs. Some options include bars, fire pits, kitchens, waterfalls, and even ponds.

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