Patio Design Downingtown


Having a great patio is like having a personal resort in your backyard. Patios are the perfect place for relaxation, dinner, or family gatherings. You can choose the material and add exciting elements like waterfalls or fire pits. For your Downingtown patio design, trust the experts at Milanese Remodeling.

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What goes into a Downingtown patio design?

With so many options, landing on the perfect patio design is certainly a heavy task. Our team will work with you and install the patio of your dreams.


20130910_155723 After finding the perfect flat surface, you’ll need to decide on a look for your patio floor. We carry the following masonry materials:

  • Paver stones
  • Natural stone
  • Natural concrete
  • Brick
  • Stamped and stained concrete


Retract the awning when no one is using the patio Using the materials listed above, we can create the perfect barrier to enclose your patio — providing privacy and security. Perhaps one of the best benefits of these walls is the extra seating.

Patio Roof


A patio roof will keep out the sun, rain, and heat. The roof allows you to enjoy your patio rain or shine. We give customers a choice between awning, pergola, and canopy.

Outdoor Accessories

One of the most exciting parts of your Downingtown patio design will be choosing outdoor accessories and essentials. Every outdoor space can benefit from the addition of a hot tub or fire pit — or perhaps your family would prefer an outdoor kitchen. Either way, we offer it all.

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