The Awning Winter Sale – Be Cool When its Hot… Order your Awning Now!

January 16, 2014

Smart people buy their awning during our Awning Winter Sale.  They save money.   They are Cool when it is Hot in Chester County.

  • 2012 Prices
  • FREE Motor!
  • 12 Months No Interest
  • Installed by Spring
Get ready for Spring during our Awning Winter Sale

Outdoor Living starts with an Awning!

Get ready for Spring with the Milanese Remodeling Awning Winter Sale

We install awnings in winter!

Be ready for warm weather!

Milanese Remodeling installs awnings in Winter.

Retractable Awning Winter Sale ENDS February 28, 2014

12 Months No Interest & FREE Motor Be Cool When It’s Hot…

Order Your Awning During our 2014 Awning Winter Sale

2012 Prices:  Milanese Remodeling is rolling back prices to 2012 and you will save 15% during our Awning Winter Sale!

FREE Motors:  Get a Free Motor on retractable awnings during our awning winter sale.  Our FREE MOTOR offer can save you up to $500 on your awning purchase!

12 Months No Interest:  Qualified homeowners who buy their awning before February 28, 2014 get No Interest for 12 Months FREE!

Have a cool summer…  2012 Prices, FREE MOTOR and 12 MONTHS NO INTEREST!  2014 Awning Winter Sale Ends February 28, 2014        

 AWNING WINTER SALE:      Order before February 28, 2014, Milanese Remodeling will Install before April 15, 2014, You get:

12 Months NO INTEREST  +  FREE MOTOR  +  15% OFF  = Cool Times                Who installs awnings in Winter?  Milanese Remodeling!  People who like to save money, get a FREE Motor, great financing and be ready for Spring get their awning from Milanese Remodeling during  our Awning Winter Sale!  

Food for Thought:  The people who buy their Awning in Winter are the same people who buy a Snow Blower in Summer!  Save money.  Be ready for Summer….


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