Thinking Positive? Good for You!

August 2, 2014

make-it-a-habit-to-think-positiveThinking positive is good for you.  Having the right attitude can make all of the difference when you are faced with a difficult task, a tough time or a hard decision.  A negative attitude often makes a job harder, tough times tougher and can lead to bad decisions.  A positive attitude lightens the loads and can produce better results.

I can remember my Dad telling me, “Mark, the only thing you can control in life is your attitude”.

My brother Gabe was the eternal optimist.  His calming influence could often divert a a thousand reason to smiledisaster and his positive thinking allowed him to accomplish more than others who may have the advantage, but lacked a good attitude.

Henry Ford  once said, ” If you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”…

A positive attitude truly does make all of the difference in the world…

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“Think Positive”, written by Mark Milanese first appeared in DWM/Shelter on July 29, 2014